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Training Video -- Partnering in Support of Children


Published: April 12, 2001
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APR 12, 2001


RE: Video--"Partnering in Support of Children"

Dear Colleague:

In support of our joint efforts to continually reach out to enhance the effectiveness of the nation's child support program, OCSE has developed a new video for your use. Enclosed is a VHS copy of "Partnering in Support of Children." This video provides information on how the child support program and faith-based and community organizations can work together on behalf of children and families.

We invite you to view the video and consider ways that you may be able to use it in your outreach work. You are free to make copies to meet your needs. If you have a Beta-tape capability, we can supply you with a Beta-Master.

The video was developed with the assistance of focus groups comprised of representatives from the faith-based community, as well as from the child support community. Comments, and requests for Beta-Master tapes, should be directed to OCSE DIvision of State, Tribal, and Local Assistance.


Frank Fuentes
Acting Commissioner
Office of Child Support Enforcement

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