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Interim Final Rule: Tribal Child Welfare


Published: January 20, 2012
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DATE: January 20, 2012

ATTACHMENT: Tribal Child Welfare Interim Final Rule


RE: Tribal Child Welfare Interim Final Rule

Dear Colleague:

The Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Children's Bureau (CB) published the Tribal Child Welfare Interim Final Rule (IFR) in the Federal Register on January 6, 2012 [77 FR 896]. A copy is attached for ease of reference. The same day, CB also issued Information Memorandum, ACYF-CB-IM-12-01.

In general the IFR applies existing title IV-E regulations to Tribes, with a few exceptions. It also includes technical amendments to existing regulatory requirements that clarify implementation of the title IV-E programs. The regulation also includes two new sections: state title IV-E agency procedures for the transfer of placement and care responsibility of a child to a tribal title IV-E agency; and tribal title IV-E agency requirements for in-kind administrative and training contributions from third-party sources.

The regulation is effective February 6, 2012, and consideration will be given to all comments received by March 6, 2012. We are forwarding this to you so that you have the opportunity to review and comment on this regulation. Please do not submit comments on this rule to the Office of Child Support Enforcement.

Interested persons may submit written comments to the Federal eRulemaking Portal: http://www.regulations.gov. Written comments also may be submitted via email to CBComments@acf.hhs.gov. Please include “Tribal Child Welfare” in the subject line of the message. Written comments also may be submitted via mail or courier delivery: Elizabeth Sharp, Division of Policy, Children's Bureau, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Administration for Children and Families, 1250 Maryland Avenue SW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20024.


Vicki Turetsky
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: ACF/OCSE Regional Program Managers