Tribal Systems

Tribal child support programs that want to operate an automated data processing system to maintain secure, confidential records and automate case processing activities have several options available:

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  1. Use office automation
  2. Implement an Intergovernmental Agreement to access a state or another tribe’s system
  3. Install the Model Tribal System
  4. Join a consortium of tribes to acquire data processing system support and services
  5. Build a data processing system with tribal funds

Tribes that choose to implement an Intergovernmental Agreement, use the Model Tribal System, or join a consortium must submit an Advance Planning Document (APD) to obtain federal funding for installation-related costs.  We offer technical assistance in preparing your APD, and templates and tools as well as advice to help you succeed in automating your program.

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    This issue discusses electronic payments, installation status, and introduces new OCSE MTS staff
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    This issue discusses NIEM, explains conditional APD approval letters, and introduces the new project lead
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    This issue summarizes information presented at the October 2014 WICSEC meeting and spotlights key personnel
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    Published: September 30, 2014
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    Published: September 25, 2014
    A list of documentation relating to Model Tribal System design, development, installation, operation, and training
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