First Lady Michelle Obama Invites Early Childhood Teacher to the State of the Union Address

First Lady Michelle Obama invited Susan Bumgarner to attend the State of the Union address on Tuesday night, during which time the President unveiled the Administration’s vision of providing high quality early childhood education for all children. Susan Bumgarner has been an early educator in her home state of Oklahoma for over twenty years. Oklahoma is a national leader in providing access to high quality preschool for all children. Susan has written curriculum, trained Head Start teachers, taught infants and toddlers, and prepared parents by teaching Early Birds readiness class.  In 1992 Susan began teaching pre-kindergarten at what is now Wilson Arts Integration Elementary School, a public school. “My work is enthralling and my students are amazing, creative, intelligent people,” she said. “It is an honor to facilitate their playful transition into the formal world of learning.” Susan’s hard work and passion for educating our nation’s youngest children is representative of the millions of early care and education providers and teachers dedicating their lives to this important work.