Expanding Early Care and Education for Homeless Children

Expanding Early Care and Education for Homeless Children


Ensuring the early learning and development of our country's youngest children is essential to the work of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF).  Supporting the well-being of these young children and their families is an urgent task and one that is critical to improving the long-term educational outcomes of children nationwide. 

Several federal policies and programs are already in place to strengthen the ability of early care and education (ECE) providers to serve young children experiencing homelessness. Whether you are in a Head Start program, early childhood program, or work at the state level on early childhood systems and services, the resources listed below will assist you in ensuring that these young children are prioritized for services that support their learning and development.

Visit the links below for helpful  information on serving children experiencing homelessness:

  • Letter from the Administration of Children and Families, the Office of Head Start, and the Office of Child Care
  • Policies and Procedures to Increase Access to ECE Services for Homeless Children and Families
  • Strategies for Increasing ECE Services for Homeless Children
  • Early Childhood and Family Homelessness Resource List

Visit the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC) to download additional information.