Sign Up Today to Review Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Grants

FYSB's Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program is seeking qualified professionals and master’s level students with a background in adolescent health, human services, or public health to serve as reviewers and panel chairpersons for a teen pregnancy prevention grant review process.

How are Grant Application Reviewers Selected?

Grant application reviewers are selected for their subject matter expertise and their ability to objectively evaluate the quality of a grant application submitted to receive federal funding. They are expected to use their expertise to assess grant applications according to the published evaluation criteria.

Grant Reviewer Qualifications:

  • Professionals with human services or public health experience, to include program work in teen pregnancy prevention and/or adolescent STI/HIV prevention
  • Students who are pursuing a master’s degree in the human service or public health fields
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate complex applications
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to collaborate and work effectively in a virtual team environment
  • Ability to provide written and oral evaluative comments
  • Reviewer profile in the ACF grant reviewer database

Required Tools:

  • Telephone service and computer with reliable Internet access via broadband or DSL
  • Windows or Mac-based interface
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9
  • Back-up plan to access the Internet in the event the primary Internet connection is lost during a review. A connection must be re-established within three hours

Level of Commitment:

  • Participate in approximately 3 mandatory web-based training sessions to prepare for the grant review process
  • Devote 8 hours daily over a period of 7 days to review applications

Next Steps:

Register as a grant application reviewer and enter reference code PREP-001-2012 or call 866-796-1613.