Report to Congress on the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program Published

The Family and Youth Services Bureau is pleased to announce the release of the Report to Congress on the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program for fiscal years 2010 and 2011.

The report documents FYSB’s long commitment to combating youth homelessness. The Bureau has worked closely with community-based programs across the country to make sure that young people have somewhere to turn when being at home is no longer a safe or supportive option.

“We are proud of the partnership that we have with our grantees in the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program,” said Resa Matthew, director of the Division of Adolescent Development and Support at FYSB. “They work tirelessly to give young people the support they need to get off the streets and reconnected to school, work and adults who will be there for them.”

In fact, as a result of more than 35 years of following emerging research and working with runaway and homeless youth programs at the local level, FYSB has developed an understanding of the social and emotional needs of youth on the streets and the supports and services that can best help them recover and succeed.

In FY10 and FY11, the Bureau began work to translate that experience and expertise into a framework that will be used to more precisely measure the effectiveness of projects funded by the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program. This report describes that framework and the other accomplishments of the Program.

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