Acting Assistant Secretary Sheldon Visits Runaway and Homeless Youth Program in Dallas

Earlier this month, officials from the Administration for Children and Families saw firsthand the impact a Family and Youth Services Bureau-funded program is having on the lives of runaway and homeless youth in Dallas.

Acting Assistant Secretary George Sheldon and several others met with young residents and staff of FYSB grantee Promise House and toured the facilities. The organization receives a Basic Center grant to run its emergency shelter, a Transitional Living Program grant to prepare older homeless youth and teen parents for independence, and a Street Outreach Program grant to aid youth on the streets.

In ACF’s Family Room blog, Sheldon wrote of the visit:

The young people are anxious to interact with us and talk about the future they have in mind for themselves and their children. Their mantra: finish high school and start college.

These young people face enormous challenges. They have, by and large, been let down by the adults in their lives. But at Promise House, another group of adults is stepping in to pick up the slack. And it makes a difference.

Last year, Promise House served more than 7,300 teens and family members through its nine privately and publicly funded programs. The range of services the organization offers include medical, dental and psychiatric care, scholarship funds and parenting programs.

Read The Family Room.

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