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State PREP Directory

Published: April 16, 2012
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP)
Personal Responsibility Education Program
resource directory

This is a historical document. Use for research and reference purposes only.

Alphabetical by State/Territory
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State: AL
Grantee: Alabama Department of Public Health
Authorized Rep: Donald Williamson
Phone: 3342065200
Email: sho@adph.state.al.us

State: AL
Grantee: State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health
Authorized Rep: Stephanie Burch
Phone: 9073342424
Email: stephanie.wrightsman-birch@alaska.gov

State: AZ
Grantee: Arizona Department of Health Services
Authorized Rep: Will Humble
Phone: 6025421140
Email: will.humble@azdhs.gov
Contact Person: Dorothy Hastings
Phone: 6023641423
Email: dorothy.hastings@azdhs.gov

State: AR
Grantee: Arkansas Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Robert Bennett
Phone: 5012804201
Email: Bennett@arkansas.gov

State: CA
Grantee: State of California/California Department of Public Health/Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program
Authorized Rep: Howard Backer
Phone: 9165581700
Email: Howard.Backer@cdph.ca.gov 

State: CO
Grantee: Colorado Department of Human Services
Authorized Rep: Karen Beye
Phone: 3038663475
Email: Karen.beye@state.co.us

State: CT
Grantee: State of Connecticut Department of Public Health
Authorized Rep: Mary Fuller
Phone: 8605097225
Email: mary.fuller@ct.gov

State: DE
Grantee: Delaware Health & Social Services
Authorized Rep: Karyl Rattay
Phone: 3027444818
Email: Karyl.Rattay@state.de.gov
Contact Person: Gloria James
Phone: 3027444552
Email: Gloria.James@state.de.us

State: DC
Grantee: Office of the State Superintendent of Education
Authorized Rep: Hosana Mahaley 
Phone: 2027273471
Email: Hosana.Mahaley@dc.gov

State: FSM
Grantee: Federated States of Micronesia
Authorized Rep: Vita Skilling
Phone: 6913202619
Email: vskilling@fsmhealth.fm

State: GA
Grantee: Human Resources, Georgia Department 
  of Division of Family and Children Services
Authorized Rep: Carmen Callaway
Phone: 4046574651
Email: cccallaway@dhr.state.ga.us 

State: HI
Grantee: State of Hawaii, Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Loretta Fuddy
Phone: 8085864410
Email: loretta.fuddy@doh.hawaii.gov

State: ID
Grantee: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Authorized Rep: Richard Armstrong
Phone: 2083345500
Email: osbornj@dhw.idaho.gov

State: IL
Grantee: Illinois Department of Human Services
Authorized Rep: Grace Hong Duffin
Phone: 2175571601
Email: grace.hongduffin@illinois.gov 
State: IA
Grantee: Iowa Department of Public Health
Authorized Rep: Julie McMahon
Phone: 5152813104
Email: jmcmahon@idph.state.ia.us

State: KS
Grantee: Kansas State Department of Health 
  and Environment
Authorized Rep: Roderick Bremby
Phone: 7852960461
Email: grants@kdheks.gov

State: KY
Grantee: KY Cabinet for Health and Families
Authorized Rep: Steve Davis
Phone: 5025643970
Email: Steve.Davis@ky.gov

State: LA
Grantee: Louisiana Office of Public Health, 
  HIV/AIDS Program
Authorized Rep: Clayton Williams
Phone: 2253428092
Email: clayton.williams@la.gov

State: ME
Grantee: State of Maine
Authorized Rep: William Boeschenstein   
Phone: 2012875758
Email: william.boeschenstein@maine.gov

State: MD
Grantee: Maryland Department of Health and 
  Mental Hygiene
Authorized Rep: John Colmers
Phone: 4107676500
Email: jcolmers@dhmh.state.md.us

State: MA
Grantee: Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Authorized Rep: Carol Foltz
Phone: 6176245260
Email: Carol.Foltz@state.ma.us

State: MI
Grantee: Michigan Department of Community Health
Authorized Rep: Althea Carr
Phone: 5173358922
Email: CarrA@michigan.gov

State: MN
Grantee: Minnesota Department of Health Treasurer
Authorized Rep: Terrence Smith
Phone: 6512014643
Email: terry.smith@state.mn.us

State: MS
Grantee: Mississippi State Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Mary Currier
Phone: 6015767634
Email: mary.currier@msdh.state.ms.us

State: MO
Grantee: State of Missouri
Authorized Rep: Bret Fischer
Phone: 5737516014
Email: grants@dhss.mo.gov

State: MT
Grantee: Montana Department of Public 
  Health and Human Services
Authorized Rep: Anna Whiting Sorrell
Phone: 4064445622
Email: Awhiting-Sorrell@mt.gov

State: NE
Grantee: NE Department of Health and Human Services
Authorized Rep: Kerry Winterer
Phone: 4024719433
Email: Kerry.Winterer@nebraska.gov

State: NV
Grantee: Nevada State Health Division
Authorized Rep: Richard Whitley
Phone: 7756844200
Email: rwhitley@health.nv.gov

State: NH
Grantee: State of New Hampshire
Authorized Rep: Jose Montero
Phone: 6032714501
Email: jmontero@dhhs.state.nh.us

State: NJ
Grantee: New Jersey Department of
   Health & Senior Services
Authorized Rep: Christina Tan
Phone: 6092927836
Email: christina.tan@doh.state.nj.us

State: NM
Grantee: New Mexico Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Catherine Torres
Phone: 5058272613
Email: catherine.torres@state.nm.us

State: NY
Grantee: New York State Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Sue Kelly
Phone: 5184730458
Email: sek11@health.state.ny.us

State: NC
Grantee: North Carolina Department of Health 
  and Human Services
Authorized Rep: Lanier Cansler
Phone: 9197334534
Email: lanier.cansler@dhhs.nc.gov

State: OH
Grantee: State of Ohio-Ohio Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Alvin Jackson
Phone: 6144662253
Email: Alvin.Jackson@odh.ohio.gov

State: OK
Grantee: Oklahoma State Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Yvonne Myers
Phone: 4052719663
Email: Yvonne@health.ok.gov

State: OR
Grantee: Oregon Department of Human Services
Authorized Rep: Katherine Bradley
Phone: 9716730233
Email: katherine.bradley@state.or.us

State: PA
Grantee: Pennsylvania Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Terri Matio
Phone: 7177876325
Email: tmatio@state.pa.us

State: PR
Grantee: Puerto Rico Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Lorenzo Gonzalez-Feliciano
Phone: 7877652929
Email: ivila@salud.gov.pr

State: RI
Grantee: Rhode Island Department of Health
Authorized Rep: David Gifford
Phone: 4012222232
Email: David.Gifford@health.ri.gov

State: SC
Grantee: SC Department of Health and 
  Environmental Control
Authorized Rep: Lisa Waddell
Phone: 8038980800
Email: WADDELLF@dhec.sc.gov

State: SD
Grantee: South Dakota Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Doneen Hollingsworth
Phone: 6057733361
Email: colleen.kozel@state.sd.us

State: TN
Grantee: Tennessee Department of Children's Services
Authorized Rep: Kathy Jones
Phone: 6157410581
Email: kathy.jones@tn.gov

State: UT
Grantee: State of Utah, Department of Health, 
  Division of Family Health and Preparedness
Authorized Rep: Shari Watkins
Phone: 8015386601
Email: swatkins@utah.gov

State: VT
Grantee: State of Vermont Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Harry Chen
Phone: 8028637280
Email: harry.chen@ahs.state.vt.us

State: VI
Grantee: Virgin Islands Department of Human Services
Authorized Rep: Christopher Finch
Phone: 3407732980
Email: chris_finch@yahoo.com

State: WA
Grantee: Washington State Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Allene Mares
Phone: 3601363723
Email: allene.mares@doh.wa.gov

State: WV
Grantee: WV Department of Health & Human Resources
Authorized Rep: Tara Buckner
Phone: 3045582069
Email: paulette.l.neil@wv.gov

State: WI
Grantee: Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Authorized Rep: Linda McCart
Phone: 6082668399
Email: DHSGrantReview@wisconsin.gov
State: WY
Grantee: Wyoming Department of Health
Authorized Rep: Brent Sherard
Phone: 3077776340
Email: brent.sherard@health.wyo.gov