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Tribal PREP Grantee Directory

Published: April 16, 2012
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP)
Tribal Personal Responsibility Education Program
resource directory

A     C     M     N     O    S

State: AL
Grantee: Poarch Band of Creek Indians
Authorized Rep: Buford Rolin
Phone: 2513689136 ext. 2200
Email: tlancaster@pci-nsn.gov

State: AZ
Grantee: Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.
Authorized Rep: John Lewis
Phone: 6022584822
Email: john.lewis@itcaonline.com

State: CA
Grantee: California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc.
Authorized Rep: James Crouch
Phone: 9169299761
Email: james.crouch@crihb.net

State: CA
Grantee: Mooretown Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California
Authorized Rep: Gary Archuleta
Phone: 5305333625
Email: gwarchuleta@mooretown.org

State: CA
Grantee: Pit River Indian Tribe
Authorized Rep: Todd Franklin
Phone: 5303511580
Email: coachtoddfranklin@yahoo.com
State: CA
Grantee: Riverside-San Bernandino County Indian Health, Inc.
Authorized Rep: Linwood Killam
Phone: 9518494761
Email: lkillam@rsbcihi.org

State: CA
Grantee: Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians (Verona Tract)
Authorized Rep: Nicholas Fonseca
Phone: 5306981400
Email: rdickerson@ssband.org

State: MA
Grantee: Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan, Inc.
Authorized Rep: John Lufkins
Phone: 9066326896 ext. 123
Email: ljohn@itcmi.org

State: NM
Grantee: Tewa Women United
Authorized Rep: Corrine Sanchez
Phone: 5053105451
Email: corrine@tewawomenunited.org

State: NM
Grantee: Zuni Youth Enrichment Program
Authorized Rep: Thomas Faber
Phone: 5057827465
Email: tom.faber@zyep.org

State: ND
Grantee: Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians
Authorized Rep: Merle St. Claire
Phone: 7014772603

State: OK
Grantee: Cherokee Nation
Authorized Rep: Stanley Crittenden
Phone: 9182073902
Email: joe-crittenden@cherokee.org

State: OK
Grantee: Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Authorized Rep: Gregory Pyle
Phone: 5809248280
Email: grants@choctawnation.com

State: OK
Grantee: Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
Authorized Rep: Janice Rowe-Kurak
Phone: 4055472402
Email: rowe-kurak@iowanation.org

State: OR
Grantee: Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
Authorized Rep: Cheryle Kennedy
Phone: 5038792301
Email: cheryle.kennedy@grandronde.org

State: SD
Grantee: Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board
Authorized Rep: Cecilia Fire Thunder
Phone: 6057211922 ext. 107
Email: cecilia.firethunder@gptchb.org