Arizona Grrrls Project Gives Teen Girls a Reason to Say 'No' to Sex

Young native teen girls smiling.In Pima County, AZ, almost 20 percent of the population is below the poverty level. And where poverty is high, teen pregnancy is common.

Child & Family Resources, Inc. (CFR), a Family and Youth Services Bureau grantee in Tucson, is helping girls avoid unwed motherhood through the Go Grrrls Project. 

The project is open to young girls from local organizations and the general community.   

Go Grrrls’ 16-hour curriculum teaches critical developmental skills like developing the following:

• gender role identity

• establishing a positive self-image

• making responsible decisions

• engaging in healthy behavior

• making and keeping friends

• accessing help when needed

• planning for the future

The program is designed as a randomized controlled trial that aims to decrease risky sexual behavior and teen pregnancy rates by increasing clients’ risk awareness, teaching them how to prevent pregnancy, strengthening their ability to resist peer pressure, and helping them become motivated to succeed in life.

While research is still in the initial stages, 10 girls who participated in a summer 2011 pilot praised Go Grrrls.

“We learned helpful stuff for the future  … making the right decision … how to say no and get out of situations.”   

They also said they enjoyed the class and learned a lot about different topics. 

Finally, the participants stated that they would definitely recommend a program like this to other girls.