Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

Reducing Teen Pregnancy Nationwide

The Patient Affordable Care Act of 2010 made it clear that reducing teen pregnancy is a nationwide priority that needs a coordinated response based on the best evidence about what motivates young people to put off childbearing. FYSB works together with the Office of Adolescent Health within HHS to ensure that both major federal adolescent pregnancy prevention programs are pursuing the same goals through proven strategies.

Ensuring Effective Programs

FYSB collaborates with the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation's (ASPE) office to co-coordinate the teen pregnancy prevention evidence review of effective programs. The product created from the evidence review is a list of programs that have been scientifically deemed effective in changing or positively effecting youth behavior around the issue of early pregnancy and sexual risk taking behavior.

Measuring Program Success

FYSB collaborates with the Office of Planning Research and Evaluation (OPRE)  to co-coordinate the multi-component evaluation of State Personal Responsibility Education programs. The multi-component evaluation consists of three inter-related studies: a descriptive study, a performance management study and an in-depth impact and implementation study.