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ACF-801 Online Help - Element 2

Published: September 19, 2012
Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Reporting


Element #2

Definition: A unique identifying number, up to fifteen characters, assigned by the State to the family receiving childcare assistance. States may use alphanumeric characters. While the use of unique State Identifiers is optional, the Statute governing the Child Care and Development Fund requires that States submit unduplicated information about families and children being served. Since the Social Security Number may not be required of families as a condition of eligibility, it is recommended that States use unique State Identifiers to ensure that cases can be unduplicated for reporting purposes.

Data Standards:


Before October 2000: Not required.

October 2000 and after: Required if Element 3 (Family SSN) is not reported.

Out of Range

All characters allowed.

Internal Inconsistency

Before October 2000: No internal consistency standard.

October 2000 and after: If Element 3 (Family SSN) is not reported, then this Element must be reported and must uniquely identify the family over time (i.e., each monthly submission).



Field Size: 15

Format: Enter the unique identifying number, up to fifteen characters, assigned by the state to the family receiving child care assistance.

Guidance: If identifier is less than fifteen digits, use leading zeros. For example, 19056 should be coded as 000000000019056.