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Current Technical Bulletins

Published: August 26, 2014

Last Reviewed: April 16, 2015

Technical Assistance
Current Guidance, States/Territories, Tribes
Technical Bulletins

Current Technical Bulletins

ACF-800 Technical Bulletins
#1r-v4 ACF- 800 State-Level Data Standards - Reviewed August 2014
ACF-801 Technical Bulletins
#2r-v2 Issues Related to Data Collection and Analysis - Reviewed November 2014
#3r-v6 ACF-801 Case-Level Data Standards - June 2014
#4r-v3 ACF-801 Case-Level Data File Format – Reviewed August 2014
#5r-v2 ACF-801 Case-Level Data Submission Guidelines - Reviewed December 2014
#6r-v4 Procedures for Electronically Transmitting ACF-801 Data Files – Reviewed January 2015
#7 Please note: Guidance in Technical Bulletin #7 regarding use of Social Security Numbers has been superseded by guidance provided in Program Instruction #ACYF-PI-CC-00-04.
#8r-v4 ACF-801 Clarifications - Revised December 2014
#9r-v3 Using the ACF-801 Data Assessment Reports - Reviewed August 2014
ACF-700 Technical Bulletins
#11r-v4 ACF-700 and Other CCDF Reporting Requirements: Frequently Asked Questions -  Reviewed April 2015
#12r ACF-700 Clarifications - Reviewed December 2014
#13r-v2 Child Care Data Tracker Clarifications - Reviewed March 2015
#14r CCDF Reporting Clarifications for Tribally Operated Centers - August 2014