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Technical Bulletin #11r-v3

ACF-700 and Other CCDF Reporting Requirements: Frequently Asked Questions

Published: May 9, 2013
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ACF-700, Tribes
Technical Bulletins
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The purpose of this Bulletin is to clarify questions and issues related to the Tribal grantee reporting requirements.  Submission of annual reports is a requirement for all grantees who receive Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) dollars.  Additional information for Tribal Grantees also can be found in Technical Bulletins #12, #13, and #14 on the Office of Child Care (OCC) website (http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/occ/resource/current-technical-bulletins).

This Bulletin addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about reporting responsibilities and processes received by the National Center on Child Care Data and Technology (NCDT).  Staff have responded to these questions via phone, fax, e-mail, and in-person at Tribal conferences.  Information summarized in this Bulletin is grouped into five sections which also include references to related on-line resources:

  • Reporting requirements
  • Report Preparation and Submission
  • Specific ACF-700 Data Elements
  • Common Reporting Errors
  • ACF-700 Quality Assurance
  • Resources for Additional Help