A Refreshed Approach to Technical Assistance for AFI Grantees Webinar

3:30 PM

The Assets for Independence (AFI) program in the Office of Community Services (OCS) supports comprehensive training and technical assistance programs to advance the successful implementation of federally-funded IDA programs across the country. AFI coordinates the execution of grantee trainings and the dissemination of technical assistance tools through a partnership with national stakeholder organizations.

A Refreshed Approach to Technical Assistance for AFI Grantees is an hour long webinar specifically created to inform AFI grantees of the variety of technical assistance platforms available to their programs, including both long established and relatively new TA resources. This webinar will be a chance for grantees to understand the rationale behind AFI’s refreshed technical assistance approach, learn how to navigate some of the grantee-driven TA resources, and see what other opportunities may be available to grantees experiencing difficulty in successfully completing their AFI projects. During the conversation, we will:

• Discuss AFI’s refreshed strategy for technical assistance to AFI grantees;
• Discuss when and why technical assistance may be needed for your AFI IDA program;
• Review the “menu” of different technical assistance resources

• Janelle George, Program Manager, Assets for Independence
• Kate Griffin, AFI Resource Center (moderator)

Register Here: Friday, April 26, 2013 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. EST

The webinar is free to all interested participants.  We encourage you to send any questions you would like our panelists to address during the session to Jimmy Crowell at  jimmy.crowell@idaresources.org, or call 202-207-0147 by April 25.