About CCF

All federal funds are contingent upon annual budgetary Congressional approval. Please note that funds were not appropriated for the Compassion Capital and Strengthening Communities Fund Programs. Therefore, the Administration for Children and Families will not hold additional competition or award new grants for this program.

CCFThe Compassion Capital Fund (CCF) grant program helped grassroots organizations increase their effectiveness and enhance their ability to provide social services to low-income individuals. Our goal was to strengthen the role of organizations in their ability to provide social services to low-income communities.

CCF supported grantees through the following programs: 

  • The CCF Demonstration Program funded intermediary organizations that served as a bridge between the federal government and smaller organizations by providing them with training, technical assistance and capacity-building sub-awards.
  • The CCF Communities Empowering Youth Program funded experienced organizations that built the capacity of their collaborating partners. Working together, these organizations:
    • Provided alternatives to gang involvement and youth violence
    • Protected against child abuse and neglect
    • Fostered positive youth development

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