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AFI Tools AFI Project Builder

Guide for Planning an AFI Project

Published: May 30, 2012
Assets for Independence (AFI)
Guidance, Policies, Procedures, Tools

AFI grantees enter into special partnerships and assemble a diverse set of tools and resources to support their families’ financial progress. This Project Builder outlines the types and uses of these partnerships, tools, and resources to help you design a matched savings program that meets the criteria set forth in the AFI Funding Opportunity Announcement, which can be accessed at www.AFIFundingAnnouncement.com. The Project Builder is a practical, comprehensive reference. The advice and examples presented here come first‐hand from community organizations, key partners, and evaluators engaged in IDAs in recent years. With this information, AFI applicants benefit from the learning of early AFI IDA projects, thereby reducing the time and expense of  building and operating a project from scratch. The Project Builder serves both those new to IDAs who want to prepare a proposal to request an AFI award and those current AFI project staff who are planning a new request for AFI funding.