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AFI Brochure Domestic Violence Survivors

Helping Domestic Violence Survivors Build Assets

Published: April 26, 2012
Assets for Independence (AFI)
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Domestic Violence Survivors

Helping Domestic Violence Survivors Build Assets

Domestic Violence

Financial independence is often a pathway out of an abusive relationship.  For those who wish to or who have left their abusers, many  survivors are faced with considerable debt, poor credit, no credit history, lack of savings, and other financial hardships—often directly due to economic abuse they have experienced.  Over the past several years domestic violence agencies and asset building organizations have begun exploring ways to boost the financial strength of domestic violence survivors.

This section will highlight ways that domestic violence service providers and AFI project staff can collaborate to bring IDAs and asset building strategies to domestic violence survivors. It provides information for AFI projects on the nature of domestic violence and economic abuse, materials for domestic violence service providers about a range of asset building services that can help their clients, and training materials for both communities on how to best help domestic violence survivors access financial services and savings programs that would be most helpful to them.

Helping Domestic Violence Survivors Build Assets

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