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AFI Tools AFI Grantee Handbook - Introduction

Introduction: How to Use This Handbook

Published: July 12, 2012
Assets for Independence (AFI)
Guidance, Policies, Procedures, Tools

The AFI Grantee Handbook is designed to help you keep track of all the key documents for managing your Assets for Independence (AFI) Project—from AFI requirements to reporting forms and other resources for running your program. This electronic version corresponds to the hard copy version available from the AFI Resource Center.


This Handbook contains nine sections, as follows:

  • Tab 1: AFI Program Contacts includes contact information on the OCS staff, both program and grants management. Additional information on grantees may be found on the AFI Asset-Building Web site's Project Locator.
  • Tab 2: AFI Resource Center provides an overview of technical assistance available to AFI Projects and those interested in becoming grantees—such as the AFI Asset-Building Web site, topical conference calls, and the AFI ListServ.

  • Tab 3: AFI General Policy presents the AFI funding opportunity announcement (effective February 9, 2005), the Assets for Independence Act (AFIA), and important Program Information Memorandums.

  • Tab 4: AFI Project Administration includes a wide range of tips and templates for administering your program. Examples include determining participant eligibility and ways to set up savings and reserve accounts.

  • Tab 5: AFI Grant Management presents processes and requirements for all AFI grantees, including a step-by-step guide for the Federal funds drawdown and a description of overall reporting requirements. You can use this section to keep track of your own reporting history—by keeping copies of your project reports in this notebook for future reference.
  • Tab 6: AFI Program Evaluation outlines the scope and status of the AFI Program National Evaluation.

  • Tab 7: AFI2 Program Management Tool describes the Web-based tool that all grantee organizations can use to manage their projects and produce timely reports for OCS, for other funders, and for their own agency’s administrators.
  • Tab 8: Resources/Publications contains references to other asset-building initiatives and research in the field, including written materials and Web sites to help you run your program.