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SSBG Fact Sheet FY 2013

Published: April 11, 2013
Social Services Block Grants (SSBG)
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Purpose:    To support social services directed towards achieving economic self-sufficiency; preventing or remedying neglect, abuse, or the exploitation of children and adults; preventing or reducing inappropriate institutionalization; and securing referral for institutional care, where appropriate. 
Program Requirements:   States and Territories complete a plan outlining how grant funds will be spent. States may also provide services directly, or sub-allocate funds to local qualified providers.

Uses:    Each State and Territory has the flexibility to determine what services (within the broad service categories) will be provided; set the eligibility limits (to low-income households) to receive services; and determine how funds are distributed among various services within the state.

Type of Grant:    Mandatory block grant.

Target Recipients:   Low-income households.


  • FY 2011:  $1.7 billion
  • FY 2012:  $1.7 billion
  • FY 2013:  $1.7 billion

FY 2013 Supplemental: $500 million to address impact of Hurricane Sandy (funding made to Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island)

Other:    States may transfer up to 10 percent of their TANF grant to SSBG.

Program Characteristics:

• In FY 2010, the latest year for which data are available, approximately 24 million individuals received services that were supported at least partially by SSBG funds.

  • Top services funded using SSBG, as reported in FY 2010, include:
  • Foster Care Services – Children ($376 million in 35 States)
  • Day Care – Children ($371 million in 37 States)
  • Special Services – Disabled ($344 million in 23 States)
  • Protective Services – Children ($290 million in 39 States)
  • Case Management – ($204 million in 28 States)
  • Home-Based Services- ($183 million in 34 States)
  • Protective Services – Adults ($180 million in 34 States)
  •  Prevention and Intervention ($179 million in 28 States)

• In FY 2010 States reported that $1.2 billion of their TANF funds were transferred to SSBG.