OFA Staff Visit the South Puget Inter-Tribal Planning Agency

On November 6, 2013, Dr. Felicia Gaither, Director, Division of Tribal TANF Management, Washington D.C. and Jack Granberg and Judy Ogliore, Region 10 Program Specialists, visited the Squaxin Island Community Center for an overview of the South Puget Inter-Tribal Planning Agency (SPIPA) TANF/Child Welfare Coordination Grants/Programs.  SPIPA is a consortium of five tribes:  Nisqually Tribe, Squaxin Island Tribe, Skokomish Tribe, Chehalis Tribe, and the Shoalwater Bay Tribe.  Each of these tribes may choose to participate in the consortium TANF program.  Currently, Squaxin Island, Nisqually, and Shoalwater Bay are participating in the SPIPA TANF Program.  Chehalis has an active Letter of Intent to join SPIPA for TANF.

TANF Project Managers Clint Hackney and Gene Felix did an overview of the SPIPA TANF Program.  Individual presentations followed from Squaxin Island, Skokomish, and Nisqually on how the TANF and Child Welfare programs are collaborating.

Pam James presented on the Healthy Families Project.  She had five members of her team with her for her presentation:  Beth Burnett, Tanya Anderson, Debbie Kautz, Cassie Morley, and Dusty Nelson.

Approximately 30 Tribal staff members were present for the meeting and most made presentations related to their specific areas. 

Attendees were introduced to the new Executive leadership team of the SPIPA organization: Executive Director Bill Smith and Deputy Executive Director Whitney Jones.  Retiring CEO Amadeo Tiam was also present.

Judy Ogliore, Clint Hackney, Carmen Kalama, Felicia Gaither, Jack Granberg, Gwen GuaJudy Ogliore, Clint Hackney, Carmen Kalama, Felicia Gaither, Jack Granberg, and Gwen Gua at the Squaxin Island Community Center.