About Healthy Marriage & Responsible Fatherhood

Our Mission 
Strengthening families to improve the lives of children and parents and promote economic stability.

Our Approach
The Office of Family Assistance (OFA) competitively awards Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood grants to states, local governments, and community based organizations (both for profit and not-for-profit). These grantees are working to help participants build and sustain healthy relationships and marriages, and to strengthen positive father-child interaction.

Our Programs
The Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood initiative is part of ACF’s strategy to improve the lives of children. ACF funded a local network of 121 organizations in 47 states to provide comprehensive healthy relationship and marriage education services, responsible parenting, and job and career advancement activities to advance economic stability and improve the overall well-being of children and their parents. 

The Claims Resolution Act of 2010 (CRA) provided $75 million for Healthy Marriage grants and $75 million for Responsible Fatherhood grants. The grantees are conducting a range of activities including marriage education and enrichment programs specifically designed for existing couples, including married couples, engaged couples, and individuals interested in marriage. Responsible Fatherhood programs target all fathers, including non-custodial parents and fathers who have or will soon reenter their communities from incarceration.

The Healthy Marriage Program serves 60 grantees and 73,346 participants; the Responsible Fatherhood program serves 55 grantees and 14,894 participants; and the Fatherhood Ex-Prisoner Reentry Pilot Project serves 4 grantees and 945 participants.