NEW-ACF-PI-2011-01: Program, financial, and audit reporting requirements for Native Employment Works (NEW) grantees, including new requirement to use Federal Financial Report (Standard Form 425)
TANF-ACF-PI-2008-03: Guidance for the Resolution of State and Tribal Disagreements Over the State-Submitted Caseload and Expenditure Data Used to Establish the Amount of a Tribal Family Assistance Grant (TFAG)
TANF-ACF-PI-2005-08: Certain requirements that apply to Tribal TANF and NEW programs and funds included in Public Law 102-477 projects
TANF-ACF-PI-2005-03: Requirements for Tribes and States Concerning Service Areas and Populations for Tribal TANF Programs
NEW-ACF-PI-2004-02: Effect on Native Employment Works (NEW) grantees of statutory amendment permitting carryover of unobligated balances with no fiscal year limitation.
TANF-ACF-PA-2000-04: Guidance concerning State Maintenance-of-Effort (MOE) funds paid to a Tribe with an Approved Tribal Family Assistance Plan

Economic Development Guide
Native Employment Works (NEW) Program Plan Guidance (does not include NEW Programs)
Native Employment Works (NEW) Program Plan Guidance (includes NEW Programs)
Native Employment Works (NEW) Program Report
Tribal TANF Data Coding Instructions
Tribal TANF Plan Guidance
Tribal TANF & CCDF Guide to Financial Management (PDF 750KB)
Tribal TANF Audit Supplement (PDF 5.4MB)
Tribal TANF PowerPoint Training Guidance (ZIP 1.2MB)

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