What We Do

Mission:  The Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response (OHSEPR) provides leadership in human services preparedness, response, and recovery promoting resilience of individuals, families and communities prior to, during and after nationally declared disasters and public health emergencies.

Vision:  A nation of individuals, families and communities that can recover rapidly and equitably from a disaster or public health emergency.

Core Values:

  • Advocacy: Influence decision-making to promote inclusion of human services into all phases of emergency preparedness, response and recovery
  • Partnership: Foster and cultivate collaborative relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, integrity and a shared commitment to a prepared and resilient nation
  • Integrity: Pursue our mission and vision in a manner consistent with the highest standards of government service and professional ethics, that elicits the trust of those we serve
  • Leadership: Galvanize diverse partners to address unmet human services needs in disasters and public health emergencies, inspiring unified effort, leveraging recognized expertise and coordinating support to all partners

Is your family prepared for a disaster? Download our OHSEPR Family Preparedness Booklet to be sure!