Exercise Eagle Horizon 2012 (EH 2012)

EH 2012 is an annual, integrated, operations-based continuity exercise for all Federal Departments and Agencies (D/As) mandated by National Security Presidential Directive 51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20 (NSPD-51/HSPD-20), National Continuit Policy; and the National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan (NCPIP). 

The Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response (OHSEPR) along with its Federal Partners participated in an HHS wide Eagle Horizon Continuity of Operations (COOP) exercise on June, 18th 2012.  The purpose of the exercise was to evaluate the agency’s ability to execute mission essential functions when confronted and with a synchronized cyber attack involving cascading efforts on critical infrastructure. The Eagle Horizon Exercise was built around a cyber attack scenario that caused HHS to be unable to operate from its DC offices/buildings due to cascading effects on the communications, water, and information technology sectors. OHSEPR tested its efficacy of performing essential functions and planning for resumption of normal operations. 

In accordance with all Federal mandates for developing and implementing COOP planning, ACF/OHSEPR adheres to the basic continuity concept.