FY 2014 Reports to Congress


Note: As ACF Reports to Congress are signed by the Secretary of HHS in 2014, they will be listed here. For additional information on the individual reports, please contact the program office with responsibility for the report.

Administration for Children, Youth and Families

  • 02/06/14 - The second biennial Report to Congress on the Coordination Efforts Related to Child Abuse and Neglect

Administration for Native Americans

  • 01/31/14 - FY 2011 Report on the Impact and Effectiveness of Administration for Native Americans Project
  • 06/06/14 - Consolidated Report to Congress: Native Hawaiian Revolving Loan Fund for FYs 2005 through 2013

Office of Child Care

  • 03/28/14 - Report to Congress on the Child Care and Development Funds for Fiscal Years 2008 through 2011

Office of Community Services

  • 02/10/14 - FY Community Services Block Grant Report to Congress
  • 06/06/14 - FY 2009 Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Report to Congress

Office of Head Start

  • 02/21/14 - Report to Congress on Head State State-based Training and Technical Assistance Contracts
  • 05/01/14 - FY 2011 and FY 2012 Head Start Monitoring Report to Congress
  • 06/03/14 - FY 2009 and FY 2011 Biennial Reports to Congress on Status of Children in Head Start Programs

Office Refugee Resettlement

  • 05/06/14 - FY 2012 Annual Report to Congress on the Refugee Resettlement Program