Welfare Research and Evaluation Conference

12th Annual Welfare Research and Evaluation Conference

All day
Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC

This conference featured a rich set of presentations that drew together what we knew from past research as well as the most current research on welfare, employment, and family self-sufficiency programs and policies. Speakers highlighted the implications of findings for families during the current economic downturn, as well as for implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The conference was organized around five major themes:

  • Opportunity, Stability, and Progression in Employment;
  • Employment, Services, and Treatment for Individuals with Barriers to Work;
  • Anti-Poverty Policy and Strategies for Improved Wellbeing;
  • Research and Policy Tools for State and Local Policymakers; and,
  • Promoting Wellbeing among Children, Youth, and Families.

As in the past, a mix of researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers participated in the conference, and stimulated productive dialogue across these diverse perspectives.

For more information, please visit the conference website: www.wrconference.net.

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