Building Strong Families, 2002-2013

Project Overview

The Building Strong Families (BSF) project, led by Mathematica Policy Research, is an impact and implementation evaluation of healthy marriage and relationship education and related support services for unwed parents at or near the birth of their child provided by eight programs across the country. The major study questions include: (1) What are the experiences, issues and challenges in designing, implementing and operating healthy marriage and relationship education and related services unwed parents? and (2) What are the net impacts of the programs on: relationship stability and quality; co-parenting attitudes and behaviors and measures of adult and child well-being and development?

The points of contact are Nancye Campbell or Seth Chamberlain.

Data Availability

After being stripped of all identifying information, data sets from BSF have been made available to the larger research and policy community for secondary analysis. All data from the baseline, program participation (from sites’ Management Information Systems), 15-mo follow-up, and 36-mo follow-up have been archived at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (

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