Early Childhood Teachers' Use of Progress Monitoring to Individualize Teaching Practices, 2012-2014

Project Overview

This contract will support the development of a literature review, a conceptual model, and a plan for measuring teachers’ use of progress monitoring to support children’s development in an early childhood setting. The literature review will summarize the research on progress monitoring approaches in early childhood and other contexts, including how other fields have defined, operationalized, measured, and studied progress monitoring. A conceptual model will be included in the literature review as a means of articulating the theoretical relations between key constructs underlying progress monitoring. A measurement plan derived from the literature review will outline key constructs, define relevant terms and mechanisms, and propose options for measurement that would be feasible in a variety of early childhood contexts. Optional components allow for the development of the measure based on the measurement plan, as well as the development of a measurement plan and measure that can be targeted for unique settings or populations (e.g. home visiting). The contract was awarded to Mathematica Policy Research.

The points of contact are Jennifer Brooks and Nina Philipsen Hertzner.

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