Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Scholars Network, 2013-2018

Project Overview

The Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Research Network is a group of academic researchers who will examine critical issues in family self-sufficiency and stability research through both individual and collaborative research projects. This project supports the larger work of the Family Self Sufficiency and Stability Research Consortium. The members of the Research Network include:

  • Yumiko Aratani (Columbia University),
  • Gregory Fabiano (University of Buffalo, State University of New York),
  • Colleen Heflin (University of Missouri),
  • Heather Hill (University of Chicago),
  • Marybeth Mattingly (Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire),
  • Jennifer Romich (University of Washington), and
  • Jodi Sandfort (University of Minnesota).

The points of contact for the project are Brendan Kelly and Matt Borus.