Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Scholars Network, 2013-2018

Project Overview

The Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Scholars Network is a collaborative enterprise of scholars who undertake research in family self-sufficiency and stability that is both scientifically rigorous and highly relevant to family self-sufficiency programs and research. The 7 Scholars and their research projects are:



Research Topic

Yumiko Aratani

Columbia University

Examining the Impact of Policy Changes on Child Care Subsidy Receipt and Child Care Stability among Low-Income Families with Young Children in Illinois

Gregory A. Fabiano

University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Engaging Fathers to Promote Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability

Colleen Heflin

University of Missouri

Family Stability and Material Hardship

Heather D. Hill

University of Washington

Promoting Economic Stability Amidst Precarious Employment and Complex Family Structure

Marybeth Mattingly

Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire

Understanding Family Stability and the Intergenerational Implications of Work across Place

Jennifer Romich

University of Washington

Income Stability of Families Involved with the Child Welfare System

Jodi Sandfort

University of Minnesota

Studying Family Self-Sufficiency Program and Policy Implementation: A Multi-Level Approach


The members of the Scholars Network will work independently and collectively to undertake a systematic, multi-disciplinary examination of the current gaps in family self-sufficiency and stability policies, programs and existing research; execute research and program evaluation activities in collaboration with state and local human services agencies and community-based organizations; and participate in a multi-disciplinary learning community by collaborating with other members of the Network and affiliated scholars.

The point of contact for the project is Brendan Kelly.