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  • Parents and Children Together: Design and Implementation of Responsible Fatherhood Programs (New)

    Published: September 30, 2015
    This report describes program design and implementation of four Responsible Fatherhood programs that are part of the Parents and Children Together evaluation. The report presents data on enrollment, initial participation, retention, and the amount of services fathers received from December 2012, the beginning of PACT enrollment, through August 2014. The report then discusses two approaches to service delivery adopted by the grantees and describes how these approaches may inform...
  • Study of Coordination of Tribal TANF and Child Welfare Services: Interim Findings Report (New)

    Published: September 30, 2015
    Fourteen tribes and tribal organizations received demonstration grants from the Office of Family Assistance for Coordination of Tribal TANF and Child Welfare Services to Tribal Families in 2011. The purposes of these grants were to provide innovative and contextually relevant approaches to coordinating services between welfare and child welfare systems. The grantees were expected to provide one or more of the following services: (1) improved case management; (2) supportive services and...
  • Behavioral Buzz: September 2015 - Make Sure Application Forms are not an Added Barrier to Entry (New)

    Published: September 29, 2015
    Updates on behavioral economics and the Behavioral Interventions to Advance Self-Sufficiency (BIAS) project...
  • The HPOG University Partnership Research Grants (New)

    Published: September 28, 2015
    This brief presents an overview of the Health Profession Opportunity Grants University Partnership Research Grants (HPOGUP) and discusses the contributions these studies are making to the body of knowledge regarding the education and training, employment, and advancement of low-income job seekers. HPOGUP funds studies conducted by university researchers that have partnered with one or more HPOG program grantees to answer specific questions about how to improve HPOG services within local...
  • Welfare Rules Databook: State TANF Policies as of July 2014

    Published: September 18, 2015
    This annual publication, using information from the Welfare Rules Database, provides tables containing key Temporary Assistance for Needy Families policies for each state as of July 2014, as well as longitudinal tables describing various state policies for selected years between 1996 and 2014...
  • The Power of Prompts: Using Behavioral Insights to Encourage People to Participate

    Published: September 16, 2015
    This report presents findings from a study of two behavioral interventions — one that used behavioral messaging postcards and text message reminders to encourage participation in an optional meeting, and one that made the meeting easier to attend. The goal of each intervention was to increase participant attendance at an optional informational meeting for Paycheck Plus, an earnings supplement program in which participants had previously enrolled. These meetings gave clients an...
  • Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) Impact Study: Technical Supplement to the Evaluation Design Report: Impact Analysis Plan

    Published: September 14, 2015
    The Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) Impact Study will answer questions about the program’s overall effectiveness and explore how variations in services affect program impacts. This analysis plan provides detailed information on the study’s impact analyses, including data sources that will be used, how variables and measures will be operationalized, how missing data will be treated, the approach to hypothesis testing, and model specifications for each of the...
  • Assessing Quality in Family & Provider-Teacher Relationships: Using the FPTRQ Measures in Conjunction with Strengthening Families™ & the Head Start Parent, Family & Community Engagement Frameworks & Self-Assessments - A Research-to-Practice Brief

    Published: August 27, 2015
    This research-to-practice brief is intended to help policymakers, program managers, and practitioners learn how the newly released Family and Provider/Teacher Relationship Quality (FPTRQ) measures can be used to complement or supplement two approaches, Strengthening Families™ and the Head Start Parent, Family and Community Engagement (PFCE) frameworks, and their related self-assessments, that have been frequently used by Early Care and Education (ECE) stakeholders...
  • Family and Provider/Teacher Relationship Quality Measures: User’s Manual Brief

    Published: August 27, 2015
    This brief introduces the Family and Provider/Teacher Relationship Quality (FPTRQ) measures for early care and education stakeholders. The brief introduces the constructs and elements included in the measures, the measures’ reliability, how the measures might be used, and how to use them. If you plan to use the measures, we recommend reviewing the full Family and Provider/Teacher Relationship Quality Measures: User’s Manual.
  • Understanding & Measuring Providers’ Teachers’ Cultural Sensitivity with Families - Lesson Learned & Measurement Recommendations

    Published: August 27, 2015
    This brief describes the process of measuring cultural sensitivity in the Family and Provider/Teacher Relationship Quality project. Researchers measuring cultural sensitivity in other fields may also find the information contained within this brief useful...