Addressing Mental Health, PTSD, and Suicide in Refugee Communities Webinar

5:30 PM to 6:30 PM EST

The National Partnership of Community Training is pleased to present the webinar:
Addressing Mental Health, PTSD, and Suicide in Refugee Communities

Refugees face a broad range of challenges that can make them more susceptible to mental health difficulties, including PTSD, depression, and suicide. Awareness of Western medical-based diagnoses is fundamental, but providers must also be aware of the ways that distress is manifested or verbalized by their clients, and feel empowered to provide culturally appropriate treatment or referrals.

The objectives of this webinar are to:
1. Enhance the capabilities of providers in recognizing and meeting refugee mental health needs
2. Assist social service providers in responding to recent increases in suicide attempts in the refugee community
3. Present indicators, warning signs and prevalence of PTSD, depression, somaticization and suicidal ideation
4. Present evidence-based interventions for addressing PTSD, depression, somatiicization and suicide

This webinar will be presented by Kristin L. Towhill, LCSW, a psychotherapist who serves as the Clinical Supervisor at the Florida Center for Survivors of Torture. She has worked extensively with clients with trauma and post traumatic stress disorder from torture, combat, and sexual abuse and assault. She specializes in PTSD, complex trauma, and dissociative disorders; including childhood sexual abuse and refugee trauma. In addition to working with FCST, she also does individual and group psychotherapy at the CW Bill Young Veterans Administration, a nationally leading Combat-PTSD program. 

Kristin Towhill has presented to a range of professionals, laypeople, and students on PTSD, complex trauma, dissociative disorders, and diversity. She received her Masters of Social Work from the University of South Florida. She has a BA in International Studies and Foreign Languages from the New College of Florida.