Florida Department of Children and Families 2013 Refugee Services Consultation

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Orlando, Florida

The 2013 Refugee Services Consultation will bring together contracted service providers, local and national refugee resettlement agencies, key federal officials, governmental and community partners, refugees, and other interested participants for discussions and presentations on a wide range of issues. The Consultation will provide opportunities to meet and interact with professional colleagues, refugees from throughout the state, and Ethnic Community Based Organization leaders. There will also be films and performances by refugee artists.

Plenary speakers and workshop presenters will address a wide range topics of interest to all concerned with refugees, asylees, and entrants. Our theme, "Welcoming. Belonging: Integrating Refugees in Florida" highlights the importance that promoting a welcoming environment and providing effective services play in helping refugees successfully integrate in their communities and achieve a sense of Belonging.

The 2013 Consultation will include several workshops focused on contracting with the Department, including a preview of new contracting requirements and discussions of performance reviews, financial consequences and monitoring pitfalls.  Provider staff directly involved in contracting activities can purchase a lower cost "companion ticket" when accompanying a participant with a full registration from the same organization. This opportunity is limited to 40 contract staff.

For further information and registration details, please go here.