Roadmap to Evaluation Webinar

2:00 PM EST

This webinar will introduce the video series “Roadmap to Evaluation”.  This video series will serve as a supplement to the newly revised Evaluation section of  The goal of this series is to better equip torture rehabilitation programs to be able to better organize data and be able to decide which measurement tools are best to use.  Among the topics addressed in this video series are:  Intro to statistical thinking; Descriptive statistics -- counting and averaging  and statistical correlation; T-Test  and ANOVA -- comparing averages; Chi Square -- comparing counts and proportions;  Post minus Pre: Simple techniques for longitudinal analysis.

Hosted by The Center for Victims of Torture’s National Capacity building Project.

These webinars are specifically for the SoT programs we in NCB  work with but they will be recorded and the recordings will be available on for any organization that is interested in accessing them.