National Consultation - Letter from the ORR Director

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To all ORR Stakeholders:
One of the key priorities of the Office of Refugee Resettlement has been to increase ORR’s communications and outreach to refugees, service providers, partners and other stakeholders.  Only by creating a platform for refugee voices to be heard can we ensure that we support refugees’ best interests, and meet the needs of those we welcome to the United States under this exemplary humanitarian program.
The ORR National Consultation is one way in which this office has traditionally sponsored such discussions.  This annual event, however, does not come without cost; therefore, given the current challenges we are facing with regard to budget, coupled with our commitment to maintaining current programs as a top priority, we have made the decision not to hold a National Consultation this year. 
During my tenure as Director, ORR has sponsored three National Consultations thus far, each of which has exceeded the last for attendance and overall success.  I have been pleased to see such high levels of participation amongst our stakeholders, and even prouder to see the active participation of refugees increase each year. 
As Director, I remain committed to regular consultation with key partners and stakeholders, and will continue to hold quarterly meetings with State Coordinators of Refugee Resettlement (SCORR), the Association of Refugee Health Coordinators (ARHC), Refugee Council USA (RCUSA), ethnic community-based organizations, and ORR training and technical assistance providers, as well as consultative meetings with refugee advisory councils and other stakeholders in states across the nation, and in Washington, DC. 
I look forward to your continued partnership and collaboration, and thank you for your good work on behalf of refugees resettled in America.  Working together, I am confident that we will be successful in our efforts to empower newly-arriving populations to thrive and succeed, as they adjust to their new lives and unlimited futures in the United States.
Eskinder Negash
Office of Refugee Resettlement