ORR Regional Offices

Today, the refugee resettlement program faces new opportunities and challenges some of which include: accessing and maximizing benefits for refugees under the Affordable Care Act and operating under a tightened fiscal environment.  In order for refugees to succeed, it is vital to strengthen the resettlement program; to have strong advocates at the federal, state and local levels educate mainstream social service agencies and governments about Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) populations, and convene meetings to promote linkages with mainstream stakeholders.

After thoughtful consideration, ORR has decided to establish regional offices.  ORR regional offices will be physically located within ACF regional offices.  With a regional presence, ORR can partner with State Refugee Coordinators, State Refugee Health Coordinators and Ethnic Community Based Organizations to advocate for refugees; specifically ORR can work to educate stakeholders, promote collaboration, gain knowledge to inform policy and advocate for services in the best interests of refugees.

ORR will open up to five regional offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and San Francisco (and potentially additional regional locations).  ORR staff will serve as regional representatives and will work with most states within that ACF region (see ACF Regional Map).

Please refer to ORR State Letter 13-02 for more information about this exciting new initiative.