Unaccompanied Children's Services

Following the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) mission, which is founded on the belief that new arriving populations have inherent capabilities when given opportunities, ORR/ Division of Children's Services/Unaccompanied Children program provides unaccompanied children (UC) with a safe and appropriate environment as well as client-focused highest quality of care to maximize the child's opportunities for success both while in care, and upon discharge from the program to sponsors in the U.S. or return to home country, to assist them in becoming integrated members of our global society.

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General Information about the
Unaccompanied Children's Program


ORR Guide: Children Entering the United States Unaccompanied

ORR Guide:
Children Entering the
United States Unaccompanied


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Key Documents for the Unaccompanied
Children's Services Program


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Family Reunification Packet
Solicitud de Reunificación Familiar


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