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Unaccompanied Children's Services

Published: August 9, 2012

Key Documents for the Unaccompanied Children's Services Program



Flores v Reno Settlement Agreement of 1997

Homeland Security Act of 2002

State Letter 10-11: Eligibility for the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program for Children Granted Special Immigrant Juvenile Status by the Department of Homeland Security

Special Immigrant Juveniles: Perez-Olano v. Holder Settlement Agreement

  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Application (DOC 131KB) (PDF 168KB)
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Decline of Placement (DOC 39KB) (PDF 49KB)
  • Notice for Special Immigrant Juveniles (PDF 16KB)
  • Notice of Proposed Settlement and Hearing in Class Action for Special Immigrant Juveniles (PDF 24KB)
  • Signed Settlement Agreement (PDF 5.4MB)

ORR/DCS Family Reunification Packet for Sponsors (English/Español)

  • LOPC Overview (DOC 161KB)


  • Authorization for Release of Information (DOC 40KB)
  • Digital Fingerprint Instructions for Sponsors (DOC 35KB)
  • Family Reunification Application (DOC 37KB)
  • Family Reunification Checklist for Sponsors (DOC 43KB)
  • Family Reunification Packet Cover Letter (DOC 85KB)
  • Sponsor Care Agreement (DOC 38KB)
  • Sponsor Handbook (PDF 1MB)
  • Letter of Designation for Care of a Minor (DOC 48KB)


  • Autorización para la Divulgación de Información (DOC 41KB)
  • Instrucciones Sobre la Toma de Huellas Digitales Para Patrocinadores (DOC 34KB)
  • Solicitud de Reunificación Familiar (DOC 40KB)
  • Solicitud de Reunificación Familiar Carta Adjunta (DOC 84KB)
  • Lista de Control de la Reunificación Familiar para Patrocinadores (DOC 38KB)
  • Acuerdo de Cuidado del Patrocinador (DOC 37KB)
  • Manual del Patrocinador (PDF 1.5MB)
  • Carta de Designación para el Cuidado de un Menor (DOC 34KB)