PARIS Transmittal 2012-17: Board of Directors Vacancies


2013 PARIS Board of Directors Vacancies

The PARIS Board of Directors is currently accepting applications to fill three Board Member vacancies due to expiring terms.  Current Board Members are not restricted from running for an additional four-year term.  The PARIS Charter outlines the Board Selection Process and Criteria for All Candidates.

The application process for membership on the PARIS Board of Directors consists of: (1) a signed letter of commitment from an authorized State official that the individual seeking Board membership will have the documented commitment from the State in time and energy to fulfill the position’s objectives including attendance at the Annual Training Conference, Annual Board Planning Meeting and represent PARIS at national conferences, and (2) answering the following four questions (between 750 and 1000 words):

A. Commitment to PARIS through demonstrated action.  Candidates should describe how they might benefit the Board and the PARIS Project.
B. Significant accomplishments within their State in utilizing PARIS data to maintain program integrity and detect/deter improper payments.
C. Unique technical skills and knowledge set for data management.
D. Experience in project management.

More information on the roles and responsibilities of Board Members can be found on the PARIS website ( in the Charter section.
All interested applicants are encouraged to apply no later than January 4, 2013.  Elections results will be released at the 2013 PARIS Training Conference.  Complete applications should be emailed to: