New Mexico Human Services Department Announces more than $2 Million in Program Savings using PARIS

The New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD) results of 2010 first quarter PARIS matching shows more than $2 million in cost savings by closing 983 cases in New Mexico where the clients are now living in another state.  The 2010 first quarter report is the first statewide PARIS matching of nationwide data used by New Mexico.  The HSD’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) began the PARIS matching program in October 2009 as a pilot program through a handful of County Income Support Division (ISD) Offices.  The total savings to date, including the pilot project matches are $2.1 million from 983 cases being closed from the TANF, SNAP and Medicaid programs.  The HSD’s OIG are estimating an annual cost savings to New Mexico to be approximately $3.7 million.