North Carolina Reports Savings With PARIS

Interstate and VA Match - Savings In North Carolina for Calendar Year 2002
Interstate Match
  • Number of Hits: 11388
  • Number of Individuals Closed: 0
  • Number of Benefit Reductions: 0

Percentage of Reviewed Cases: 100%

Dollar Savings
  • Medicaid $18,923.07
  • Food Stamps $63,120.00
  • TANF $4,297.75

Total $86,340.82

NOTE: The dollar amounts above are from reports generated from fraud Cost Collections reports for calendar year 2002. We do not have records of the number of individuals closed due to the interstate match report. The assumption is that all of the individuals that appear on the report are resolved to determine whether or not they are actually in NC.

VA Match
  • Number of Hits: 12348
  • Number of Individuals Closed: 83
  • Number of Benefit Reductions: 189

Percentage of Reviewed Cases: 30%

Dollar Savings
  • Medicaid $178,800.00
  • Food Stamps $10,303.40
  • TANF $52.00

Total $189,155.40

NOTE: Only about 30% of the 100 county departments of social services report terminations and benefit changes from the VA Match report. Based on this NC realized the above savings for calendar year 2002.

  • Total Combined Savings: $275,496.22
  • Total Combined Costs: $28,896.60
  • Total Savings: $246,600.22

Costs: System costs were estimated at $1,204.00 for a 12-month period. Staff time was estimated at $27,692.00.