Pennsylvania PARIS Matches Yield Results

Pennsylvania has participated in the PARIS Interstate and VA Matches since their inception.  The results speak for themselves:

• As of December 2012, the state of Pennsylvania has $134,437,660 in estimated annualized savings from 53 PARIS Interstate Matches.  From these matches, 151,198 cases were worked resulting in 33,093 individuals being removed from cases.

• As of December 2012,  $34,758,278 in estimated annualized savings from 12 VA Matches.  From these matches, 50,473 cases were worked resulting in 6,246 cases closed or benefits reduced.

• Pennsylvania has not automated the Federal file, but in April 2012 sent out the Federal file in an Excel attachment to all of the counties to process.  Out of about 7,000 hits were able to close or reduce benefits on about 933 budgets for an estimated annualized savings of $3,584,868.

Total estimated annualized savings resulting from PARIS matches in Pennsylvania is $172,780,806.

The Public Assistance Reporting Information System (PARIS) is a federal-state partnership that insures the integrity of public assistance programs through detecting and deterring improper payments. PARIS works with all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to assist them in maintaining the honorable intentions of public programs.