Rhode Island PARIS Savings

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in square miles in the USA and ranks 43rd when it comes to population, but look at their success in utilizing the PARIS project. Rhode Island has realized a savings of $631,353 by participating in the May, August and November 2005 PARIS Interstate match. This breaks down into the following categories:

  • $289,824 saved from the May 2005 match
  • $145,764 saved from the August 2005 match
  • $195,765 saved from the November 2005 match.

The largest savings was obtained from the Medical Assistance program ($375,360) followed by TANF ($127,105) and Food Stamps ($128,888). The cost savings for TANF and Food Stamp cases is determined by multiplying the monthly benefit amount per case times 12 months for an annual dollar savings. The Medical Assistance amount is the average cost per case multiplied by twelve months.