Funding Opportunity! Fatherhood Research and Practice Network New Request for Proposals

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Requests for Proposals

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The Fatherhood Reseach and Practice Network will award grants to support rigorous evaluation research being conducted on fatherhood programs and services.

•The purpose of these grants is to increase the number and quality of evaluations of fatherhood programs and learn more about how to better serve low-income fathers, racial/ethnic minorities and other populations that have not been widely studied.
•Funded projects will address the gaps in evaluation and practice identified by FRPN workgroups in the areas of responsible fatherhood, economic security and co-parenting/healthy relationships.
•The FRPN will award a total of $1.2 million (approximately). Grants will be announced at staggered times over a three-year period.
•Through these awards, we aim to increase the number of programs conducting rigorous evaluations and build the capacity of researchers and practitioners working in the fatherhood field.

Current Funding

The FRPN has released our first round of requests for funding proposals. There is $300,000 available for grants and we expect to make three awards of approximately $50,000 and one to two awards in the $100,000-$150,000 range. Letters of interest are due by July 30, 2014.