"Helping Others Beyond Prison Walls" Conference

12:00 PM EST
Roxbury Community College, Roxbury MA

Mr. Abrigal Forrester
Director: Criminal Justice Initiatives-YouthBuild Boston
Keynote Speaker for Conference Opening Night
Friday August 8, 6:30pm, Roxbury Community College Cafeteria

This resource conference is open to the public.
It will consist of breakout and general sessions.
It is FREE for Returning Citizens.
$25 for Non-Returning Citizens.

Download Conference Schedules/Topics:  http://bit.ly/XllQ3S

This conference brings together “Returning Citizens” but  it is also about “Returning Citizens” serving as presenters, speakers, and exhorters. They will be inspiring, informing, and providing hope for other “Returning Citizens” finding it difficult to overcome the enormous hurdles and impediments associated with one having a criminal, conviction, or felony record in the United States.

The topics cover areas of family reunification, job and entrepreneurship, emotional wellness and stability, adequate forms of reintegration, developing healthy relationships in post-prison life, spirituality, etc. Download the conference schedule/topic for a full listing. Please help spread the word.