Youth Empowerment Adolescent Health Network 8th Annual Conference

8:00 AM EST

Hope & Opportunity: Challenging the perspective on Adolescent Sexual Health

The YEAH! Network annual conference focuses on a central theme that drives the work of the coalition throughout the year.  The YEAH! Network 8th annual conference will delve deeper into the root causes of adverse sexual health outcomes with a focus on the impact of socioeconomic disadvantage on teen pregnancy.  The conference will: 

  • Inform- To provide the community with new strategies to address disparities in adolescent sexual health.
  • Empower- Workshops that provide opportunity to build skills and community capacity for change in adolescent sexual health.
  • Engage- Highlight opportunities for participants to implement strategies in programming, clinical services, policy and community engagement that will improve the sexual health of teens in Hampden County.

Workshops led by local, state, and national presenters.

Opening keynote address by
Ana Penman-Augilar, PhD, MPH
Associate Director for Science
Office of Minority Health & Health Equity at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Please register before May 3rd, 2014. Your registration information can be submitted by mail, fax, phone, web, or email. The YEAH! Network can be reached by:

4 Open Square
Suite 415
Holyoke, MA 01040
Fax:  413.533.9327
Phone: 413.533.9324