Region I hosts Annual ACF Emergency Preparedness Coordination Meeting

ACF Region I welcomed Regional Emergency Management Specialists (REMS), Regional Administrators (RA) and the Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response (OHSEPR) team at the 2013 Annual ACF Emergency Preparedness Coordination Meeting held at the JFK Building in Boston. During the two-day meeting participants increased their knowledge and skills through interactive presentations seeking to enhance ACF’s capacity for emergency preparedness, response and recovery. Representatives from all ten ACF regions and Central Office contributed insights and lessons learned from field experience as they reviewed the coordination of new and existing policies, plans and procedures.

These efforts support the ACF emergency requirements and OHSEPR’s strategic direction of “providing leadership in human services preparedness, response, and recovery, promoting resilience of individuals, families, and communities prior to, during, and after nationally declared disasters and public health emergencies.”