"The Changing Face of Child Support" Rhode Island Child Support Conference draws 150 from Region I

On Thursday, May 16, ACF staff, Chuck Kenher and Tom Kilmurray attended Rhode Island's annual Child Support Conference in Warwick, RI. With the theme, “The Changing Face of Child Support” the event attracted over 150 attendees, including the State’s IV-D contingency, RI Judicial and Human Services representatives, and several community partners that collaborate with the regional Office of Child Support Services. Chuck gave a presentation on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its impact on medical support enforcement, including a review of ACA implementation across the region. Discussion included several scenarios projecting how the ACA could change the way IV-D agencies approach medical support enforcement, and how the ACA’s optional Medicaid expansion provision is likely to increase IV-D and Medicaid agency collaboration. Tom followed with a presentation on regional and national child support performance trends. New England states show strong performance in several areas, especially increasing collections despite the recent economic downturn. For more information, please contact Tom Killmurray at (617) 565-1104.