CTs Fatherhood Initiative: Over a decade of supporting dads and their families

The John S. Martinez Fatherhood Initiative of Connecticut is currently in its twelfth year of operation. The dedicated network of professionals and providers have touched many lives to build stronger connections between dads and their families. 

Under the current leadership of Anthony Judkins, the initiative continues to support and promote the positive interaction of fathers with their children.  They understand that fathers are critical forces in their children’s lives, who should be acknowledged and assisted with the important role they play.  Fathers are a source of love, nurturance and guidance, as well as financial and emotional support.

Fathers in Connecticut should know that they have choices and resources to help them to be part of their children’s lives. They collaborate with a wide range of partners, including ACF, to assist communities and agencies in identifying and addressing the needs of fathers and families. We focus our efforts on four proven systems change strategies including, capacity-building in existing programs; infusing father-friendly principles and practices into existing systems; media advocacy to promote responsible fatherhood; and recommending social policy change to strengthen families. View more resources.

CT's Fatherhood Initiative hopes to see you at the 15th New England Fathering Confernece (see Events). Register for the conference today.